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Making People (Phil Lunn) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Wednesday, 21 August '24   2pm – 5pm CEST
Konstkollektivet, Pixbovägen 5, Mölndal, 431 36
Making People (Phil Lunn) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


Sometimes in improv, we create characters by considering their external expression: for example their voice, or their physicality. This workshop looks from the opposite direction, and starts with personality traits to create a person, and to inform how they act in scenes. In this workshop, we'll look at: • key personality traits that are useful to think about in improv • how these can be used in scenes • “owning” that character throughout a scene, and keeping them consistent and believable • discovering what emotional reactions that character has to situations and other people • how plot develops from these reactions This workshop is fairly new (I’ve taught it three times so far, in the UK and elsewhere) and it seems to be working extremely well due to its novel approach and fun exercises. It’s a three hour workshop, ending with an ensemble scene where we explore the ideas that we’ve been looking at.

Phil Lunn
I’m an improviser from London, UK. I’ve been improvising both on stage and behind the piano for about fifteen years.
I’ve taught improv with several leading UK companies including Hoopla Impro, The Nursery and The Maydays. I’ve also been invited to teach at several venues across Europe both at festivals and other events. During 2020-21, I was co-director of ImproBubble in Brussels. I’ve since returned to London and resumed teaching with Hoopla Impro (the biggest improv school in the UK) and coaching new groups. I consider my specialisms to be musical improv and characters.


The workshop is suitable for performers with all levels of experience.

Wednesday 21 August
Konstkollektivet, Mölndal
Room: Spegelsalen



Making People (Phil Lunn) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.From Mölndals centrum you can take the bus 751 LILA Express from Mölndals Bro to Gamla torget. And then walk about 600 meters.
450,00 kr


Pixbovägen 5
431 36