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Cue the drama (Bodei Brouwer) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Wednesday, 21 August '24   10am – 1pm CEST
Konstkollektivet, Pixbovägen 5, Mölndal, 431 36
 Cue the drama (Bodei Brouwer) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


Reality tv gives us a lot to play with: intense relationships, strong characters, drama, monologues and big promises. We will explore all this and more while learning a brand-new format. This workshop is a playful extravaganza that encourages you to be big, bold and ridiculous. This workshops results in a showcase OMG! I can't even! This show has been specifically designed to be accommodating ebough for improv newbies and interesting enough for experienced players. So anyone who has ever done a level 1 course, is more than welcome.

Bodei Brouwer
When I was 4 my parents said ‘That’s enough! Let some drama teachers figure you out”. After giving scripted theater a chance for 16 years I retired. I then took my first improv steps about 10 years ago in Amsterdam. Since then I've played, trained and taught on 5 different continents including places such as Chicago, India, South Africa, Colombia and the Philippines.
As a teacher I have a strong focus on group safety, fun, growth and I love sharing theory and
knowledge without filling my workshops with endless speeches.
I teach at easylaughs in Amsterdam, Improv Utrecht and teach and coach different Dutch groups on a weekly basis.
My play style is witty, physical (not the controlled, acrobat type, but the excited falling off the stage type) and theatrical. I’m a natural storybuilder and for some reason end up playing trolls more often than strictly necessary.


The workshop is suitable for performers with all levels of experience.

Wednesday 21 August
Konstkollektivet, Mölndal
Room: Spegelsalen



Cue the drama (Bodei Brouwer) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.From Mölndals centrum you can take the bus 751 LILA Express from Mölndals Bro to Gamla torget. And then walk about 600 meters.
450,00 kr


Pixbovägen 5
431 36