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The architecture of Comedy (Håkan & Marcus) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Sunday, 25 August '24   10am – 5pm CEST
Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Göteborg, Örngatan 6, Göteborg, 416 67
The architecture of Comedy (Håkan & Marcus) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


The workshop explores how improvisational theater can be enhanced by using tools
from scripted drama and comedy.
Improvisers have the skills to create engaging scenes on the spot based on their
wealth of imagination, timing and courage. However, a challenge remains in
improvisational theatre: how do we lift the scenes from a series of funny one-liners to
a level of heightened theatricality with a clear dramaturgy that tastes of written and
directed theatre?
Through a hands-on approach similar to the production of a scripted work – but with
the spontaneity of improvisation – we aim to create improvised scenes with the depth
and impact of traditional drama and comedy.

Key components we will explore:
Character Development: Instantly transforming oneself into a captivating
character using Jacques Lecoq's physical approach.
Relationships and Dynamics: Creating and developing interesting character
relationships based on the understanding of motives and weaknesses of the
Stagecraft Techniques: Enhancing scenes with timeless principles of staging, to
complement and elevate the dialogue.
Mastery of Dialogue: Utilize builds, repetitions, strategic pauses, punchlines and
adapted language for dramatic effect.
Comic Timing: Applying insights from scripted comedy in improvisational
scenarios to enhance comedic effects.

Håkan & Marcus

Marcus Gustafsson is an experienced drama teacher at the Performing Arts School
in Gothenburg with a rich experience of teaching and directing both drama and
comedy, in addition to his background in acting and improvisation.
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Håkan Johnsson is a renowned scriptwriter with a rich portfolio in drama and
comedy across theatre, television, radio, and live entertainment. Håkan's experience
also includes directing for the stage and performing impro.
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Level: Impro performers and/or actors with some or extensive experience

Sunday 25 August
Redbergsskolan sal 17



The architecture of Comedy (Håkan & Marcus) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.
900,00 kr


Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Göteborg
Örngatan 6
416 67