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Value, Contextualize, Justify (Andreas Anterot) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Saturday, 24 August '24   10am – 1pm CEST
Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Göteborg, Örngatan 6, Göteborg, 416 67
Value, Contextualize, Justify (Andreas Anterot) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of an improv scene, realising you don't know what the
scene is about. At the same time, the audience wonders why you've missed so many opportunities.
In this workshop, we will practice not only accepting our scene partner's offers but also valuing them, so that we can quickly create interesting scenes without long, boring intros. Scenes that continue to be interesting and don't fizzle out once the initial idea has been exhausted. We will practice making blod choices and throwing curveballs, but above all, unpacking blod choices and contextualizing curveballs so that our justifications breathe life into statements instead of killing them.
We will approach these concepts from various angles, touching on cumulative acceptance, scene painting, space work, pattern building and narrative storytelling in the process.

Andreas Anterot
Andreas Anterot is an improviser, actor, and mime artist who has performed on stages all over
the country. As an improviser, he is most active at Presens Impro in Stockholm, where they
perform American long-form improv focusing on Game of the Scene techniques from UCB. He
is also one half of the comedy duo Lustgas known for their sketches and the improv podcast
Lustgas Podcast. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mime Acting from Stockholm University of
the Arts, and currently works at Västerbottensteatern in Skellefteå, where he performs
everything from clown shows to musicals.


The workshop is suitable for performers with all levels of experience.

Saturday 24 August
Redbergsskolan sal 30.
Örngatan 6, Göteborg



Value, Contextualize, Justify (Andreas Anterot) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.
450,00 kr


Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Göteborg
Örngatan 6
416 67