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Shortform Bonanaza (Kristine Sternudd) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Thursday, 22 August '24   2pm – 5pm CEST
Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Göteborg, Örngatan 6, Göteborg, 416 67
Shortform Bonanaza (Kristine Sternudd) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


What fun happens when you step on stage without a plan but with clear rules to play by? Kristine brings her favorite short form-improv games. Let's play around with spontanity, listening and work on our short form-muscles. We aim to explore the fun in games, and together we find tools to make a short form show together. We warm up together to get our listening on point, then we dive into a bonanza of no thinking and staying in the moment on stage. We both work in pairs, in smaller groups and as a group all together. We play a lot for each other, but also for our selves. During the fun, we also make space to analyze exactly why and what we enjoy in each game. We learn about intensity, working together, highs and lows and how to set up our own short form show.

Kristine Sternudd

Kristine Sterud - journalist by day and improviser by night!
Sterud has been performing, teaching and worked at Impro Neuf for 10 years.
Her mission in life is to bring the joy of improv and the magic that can happen to more people in
a safe environment. The safer we feel, and the more we listen to each other the more creative we can get.
Impro Neuf is one of the biggest improv community in Norway. It is all volunteer based, and
Sterud was the leader and artistic director for 1,5 half years (also during the pandemic - jikes!).
She has been teaching improv to both beginner classes to more advanced and experienced
groups, all over the 10 years she has been a part of Impro Neuf.
Sterud was for several years part of the Impro Neuf ensemble, performing monthly in Oslo.
She's been co-founder of the groups After Eight Tits (all female, mostly longform-group) and Far
and the rest of the family (mostly shortform). In 2021 she and the group Impro Neuf won second
place in the norwegian championship in theatresports, and with the group Far and the rest of the
family they did the same in a championship in Oslo in 2022.
Kristine has studied Theatre Arts at Nordisk Institutt for Scene and studio, and also have a
bachelor degree in journalism. Her daytime-job is to be a journalist, and the improv-journey has
comed well in hand when she's been on live-TV.


The workshop is suitable for performers with all levels of experience.



Shortform Bonanaza (Kristine Sternudd) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.This workshop will be held at room 44 (4th floor) at Redbergsskolan, next to Redbergsteatern. Örngatan 6, Göteborg
450,00 kr


Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Göteborg
Örngatan 6
416 67