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Level 2: Improver's Navigation Course

Sunday, 19 November '23   1 day
YHA Borrowdale, Longthwaite, Keswick, CA12 5XE
16 years and over
Only 2 spaces left


This is a mountain navigation course that can run with up to 6 people per instructor.

This Improver Navigation Course is designed to take participants' navigation skills to the next level. It focuses on advanced techniques and practical application, ensuring that participants leave with the confidence and proficiency to navigate in challenging outdoor environments. This course is designed for walkers with some basic navigation experience, looking to hone their skills and improve their understanding.
We like to use the Bessy Boot and Tarn at Leaves areas above the Borrowdale YHA.
This area has some good pathless and often boggy terrain, which can be 'featureless' and requires good contour interpretation and solid skills with pacing and timing on each leg.
The journey on the day is no more than 8km with one steep uphill section.

Building on basics
Refreshing map types, choices and maps appropriate to terrain travelled
Advanced Map Reading Skills
Understanding contour lines and terrain features in greater detail.
Distance Estimation and Pacing
Developing more accurate distance estimation skills.
Pacing techniques for varying terrains.
Fine-Tuning Compass Techniques
Advanced compass use for precise navigation.
Following accurate bearings.
Terrain Association and Feature Identification
Enhancing skills in relating map features to actual terrain.
Identifying micro-features and subtle terrain changes.
Practical Navigation Exercises
Participants practice their advanced navigation skills in outdoor scenarios.
Emphasis on using maps, compasses, and terrain association techniques.

Measure distances
Aiming off
Attack points
Intricate contours & ground interpretation
The compass and its features
Compass bearings & accurately following bearings across open ground
Navigate away from marked paths
Relocation tactics

Level: Intermediate


Some map reading skills and previous navigation experience is needed for this course. 
If you have never been hill walking and require a more introductory course, then please look at attending our Level 1 Navigation Course

You will need to wear suitable outdoor clothing (warm and waterproof where possible) and suitable mountain footwear (boots)
A good rucksack to carry everything you need for the day is advisabl
Lunch, snacks and water for a full day



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Level 2: Improver's Navigation Course


YHA Borrowdale
CA12 5XE

Please meet your instructor at this location
Sam drives a Grey Skoda Estate: MH68 TFA
Please come over to the vehicle and say hello; we will do briefings and course introductions in the YHA cafe


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