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Fly High Convention 2021 - 16 +

Friday, 1 October '21   4:30pm – 9pm BST
The Oak, the Lost in Translation Circus Centre, St Michael Coslany Church, Oak Street, Norwich, NR3 3AE
Only 4 spaces left
Fly High Convention 2021 - 16 +

Course dates

  • Fri, 1 Oct '21   4:30pm – 9pm BST - done
  • Sat, 2 Oct '21   4:30pm – 9pm BST - done
  • Sun, 3 Oct '21   1 day - done


Brought to you by The Lost In Translation Circus at The Oak Circus Centre , we are very excited to open the 6th acrobatic and aerial convention

An intense weekend of aerial and acrobatic circus for both professionals and enthusiasts.
With world class workshops happening over the weekend, Fly High promises to stretch, amaze and stun even the most experienced acrobats – and WOW circus lovers of all abilities, including complete beginners.

Convention tutors and programme will be announced shortly so watch this space.

The convention will run social distanced or without social distancing depending on government guidelines and appropriate safety. Either way we will do our best to put on a great event and share our circus passion with you all.

Please note: due to the uncertainty of this year we won't be serving food as part of the convention this year.

We can't wait to have you here again!



During this pandemic we need to work together to keep ourselves and each other as safe as possible and minimise the risk of taking part in group activities. For this reason we are asking all students and parents to please abide by the following additional procedures and to help each other keep spaces and equipment as clean as practically possible.


Pre-booking is now essential, even for drop-in classes. Booking is via our website, email or phone only. There is no cash handling or taking payments at the door.
Sign and send your Covid-19 screening, and terms of use/waiver agreement prior to arrival at The Oak.
Wash hands before leaving home.
Bring only essential personal items, and any food must be brought in a sealed plastic container.
Ensure that students bring their own water bottle.
Students aged 11 years up are encouraged to wear a face covering if they feel safe to do so during class.
If you do have your own circus equipment for your own use during class we really encourage you to bring it, it will be a big help.
Please let us know if your child has any allergies that may be affected by disinfectant sprays. (we can tell you exactly what we are using if you are concerned)
Please arrive already dressed for class, so that we can minimise the use of changing facilities.

There is a one-way system in place, entry will be through the front door, and exit through the side door.
For adult classes – there will no longer be reception, please enter the building one household at a time, and check in with the tutor. No-one who is not taking part in the class should enter the building unless dropping off a minor, in which case the procedure for youth classes (below) follows.
For youth classes – please be aware of keeping numbers of people in the building to a minimum and try not to bring any unnecessary additional people in when dropping off your child (we realise this may sometimes we necessary with siblings). Check in with reception on arrival, everything is digitized there should be no need to handle paperwork or cash. Exit following the one-way system as soon as practical.
The student’s temperature will be checked with a non-touch thermometer and if the student has an elevated temperature you will not be allowed to participate in the class.
Sanitize hands at reception on arrival, or wash directly in the bathroom.
If you are bringing your own aerial equipment for use in class ensure that it is inspected for safe use by an appropriate staff member or the tutor.
Keep appropriate social distance of 2m from Oak staff and any other parents and students.
Each student will be allocated a space to put their personals, and must not
Inform staff if you/your child has any allergies that may be affected by disinfectant and cleaning products, as students will be expected to help with keep equipment clean during class.
Labelled cubby holes are reserved for staff use.

Ensure that you read and abide by notices and staff instructions and signage about bathroom and facilities when using the bathroom. There will be one bathroom dedicated to students during class time, and one for staff and professionals. Please stick to the allocated bathroom. For adults, older students and parents helping children, where possible please wipe down door handles, toilet handles and toilet seat after use with the spray provided.
Only one person at a time in the toilets (or parent with child).

Tutors and staff are required to wear face coverings or face shields when dealing with the public, parents and students, unless it needs to be removed to demonstrate or for safety reasons.
All students and parents must abide by social distancing of 2m at all times, this includes aerial distance, unless from the same household. This will be supervised by the tutor but we ask everyone’s co-operation to assist with this.
Circus Tots and SEN classes ONLY – We do require 1 parent to join in the class with their child, this is partly so that the children can do more varied activities when they need help, and partly to help ensure social distancing and infection control. Parents are responsible for helping ensure their child maintains social distancing during the class.
Students will be allocated individual areas/equipment during classes and they must stick to this as designated by the tutor, and follow any cleaning procedures as asked by the tutors.
Use good hygiene practice – avoid touching your face, wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds, sneeze/cough into a disposable tissue or into your elbow if none are available, avoid touching unnecessary surfaces.
Use of shared rosin or chalk is not allowed, students should either bring their own chalk or rosin, or bring their own sock, which the tutor can fill up for their individual use.

Students will be expected to help with cleaning equipment that they have used during class before leaving. Ensure any dirty wipes or paper goes directly in the bin.
Parents should enter and exit through the one-way system when collecting their children, and ensure that they sanitize their hands on entry.
Students should sanitize or wash hands before leaving
Take all personal belongings and equipment with you, students for adult classes will be expected to disinfect their bench area/cubby hole prior to leaving.
Follow the one-way system when leaving.


Three Days Convention + Performance
Course ticket - for all 3 dates.
3 available
Includes Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.
Friday Ticket
Saturday Ticket
5 available
Sunday Ticket + Performance
5 available
Three Days Convention + Performance EARLY BIRD PRICE
Course ticket - for all 3 dates.
1 available until Tue 31 Aug '21 4:30pm
Early bird price until the end of August. Includes Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.
5 available
Early bird price is until the end of August.
5 available
Early bird price is until the end of August.


The Oak, the Lost in Translation Circus Centre
St Michael Coslany Church, Oak Street