Mantras, Malas & Meditation Workshop

Saturday, 19 August, 2017   10:30am - 12:30pm
Mantra Rooms, 48 Hiltingbury Rd, Chandler's Ford, SO53 5SS
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Workshop including Rosewood Wrist Mala


I have a busy mind. I’m guessing you do too, as you’re a human being after all!

I’ll also let you into a little secret. Even though I meditate daily, I don’t have a silent mind. The thoughts don’t stop. I don’t swan around in serene silence in my head.

Far from it!

No, rather than creating a totally peaceful mind, meditation has helped me peace with our mind. And using mantras and mala beads (rather like a rosary) in my meditation creates a calming backdrop to my meditation so I can settle into a feeling of acceptance and serenity with whatever is going on in my head.

Would you like to learn how to find peace with your mind?

Using mantras and mala beads to meditate provide a specific focus for your beautifully chatty mind so it has a job to do – rather than racing around mulling over what happened yesterday and fretting over what might happen tomorrow.

Mantras help us to give our mind a focus – a mantra is simply a chosen thought we repeat and repeat to give the mind a job to do.

Malas are beads which we use in our hands to help us to keep track of how many repetitions of our mantra we have repeated – an additional focus point.

Meditation connects us to inner peace & inner wisdom.

Mantras, malas & meditation = the perfect way to learn to train your mind to focus so you can experience blissful stillness, deep calm, true contentment and quieten your mind so you can hear the whisperings of your inner wisdom.

In this practical workshop I will guide you through:

  • A variety of different Mantras, what they mean and how to pronounce them (if they’re not English) so you can choose a Mantra which speaks to you.
  • How to work with your Mantra.
  • How to use Mala beads as a tool in your meditation.
  • Meditations using your beads and chosen Mantra.

{By the way … if you’re wondering if this is going to involve lots of chanting and singing … well, no, it won’t! We will do a little bit of chanting – but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Mostly we’ll speak the mantras and then once you’ve chosen one I’ll invite you to meditate on it, silently repeating it.}

Parking: on the free car park in front of and next to the shops Mantra Rooms is located in.

Cancellation policy:

Payment is non-refundable unless you can find someone to take your spot if you can no longer make it. Neither is it transferable to another class.


Mantra Rooms, 48 Hiltingbury Rd, Chandler's Ford, SO53 5SS