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Trust and Productivity for Managing Remote/Hybrid Teams (Managers HCF Members only PRIVATE session)

Tuesday, 4 October '22   1pm – 2pm BST

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.


We’ve had plenty of time to adjust to new ways of working now, but we can be certain that dispersed working is just the beginning. In years to come, the workplace will be unrecognisable. As human-centred and flexible working evolves, 9 to 5 will be dead in the water, just for starters!

The single most important thing organisations need to adapt to an ever-changing world is a culture high in trust. We have experienced much these last couple of years, notably that suddenly, we simply had to be trusted to work independently far from the watchful eye of our company. It turns out, the world didn’t collapse and on the whole, people could be trusted!

But … let’s not pat ourselves on the back just yet. Believe me, there’s still a way to go if we want a smoother ride into the future workplace.


HCF members only Private session

A subsidised fee is offered to Hertfordshire voluntary sector organisations at £10. If your organisation is based in Hertfordshire, pay via link here:

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