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Equinox Sound Journey with Cacao Ceremony

Friday, 22 September '23   6pm – 8pm CEST


As the warm embrace of summer slowly yields to the gentle caress of autumn, we invite you to embark on a sacred journey that celebrates the bountiful abundance of the season and the graceful transition into winter.

Join us for a truly magical experience where we will honor the mystical power of cacao, harmonize our bodies through Chi Kung, and surrender to the soothing embrace of meditation and the ethereal sounds of our healing instruments.

🍃 Date: 22.9.2023
🌿 Time: 18:00-20:00
🌞 Location: Alculia (exact location to be confirmed after reservation)
✨ Investment: 35€


🍫 Cacao Ceremony: Begin your journey by connecting with the sacred essence of cacao. Let its warm, rich elixir open your heart and spirit as we set our intentions for the day.

🌬️ Chi Kung: Awaken your vital life force energy through gentle movements, deep breathing, and mindfulness, harmonizing with the rhythms of the season.

🧘‍♀️ Meditation: Allow yourself to be cradled by nature's embrace as you embark on a soft meditation, tapping into the tranquility and wisdom that surrounds us.

🎶 Sound Journey: Be enchanted by the melodies of our instruments - the Hand Pan, Koshi, Indian Flute, and other harmonious companions. Let the music guide you on an inner voyage, transcending the boundaries of time and space.

🔮 Gong Bath: Surrender to the profound healing vibrations of the Gong Bath, where each resonant tone washes over you, balancing and restoring your being.

✨ What to Bring: Comfortable and warm clothing, yoga mat, journal and pen, water bottle, an open heart, and a willingness to connect with the beauty of nature and your inner self.

Spaces are limited, so please secure your place in this transformative experience.

Come, be a part of this harmonious convergence of nature, intention, and sound.

With love and anticipation,
Michaela and Lenka, the Equinox Sound Journey Team 🌿🌞🍂🌙

✨Lenka Trn:
Meet Lenka Trn, a Holistic Psychologist, Mindfulness Coach, and Sound healing expert. With a unique blend of traditional therapy and spiritual insight, she empowers personal growth and well-being. Lenka's expertise spans Bioneuroemotion, Systematic Coaching, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Musictherapy, Tantric Numerology, Enneagram, and ongoing studies in Chinese medicine. Discover the transformative power of her holistic approach for a balanced and connected life.

✨Michaela Jones
Meet Michaela Jones, an Embodiment and Pleasure Coach, Yoga Teacher, and life enthusiast deeply connected to Mother Earth. She specializes in supporting women on their healing and transformation journey, drawing from her expertise in Womb Wisdom, Tantra Teaching, and Pleasure Coaching. Michaela's embodied leadership empowers women to embrace sensuality, love their bodies, and explore all aspects of themselves. Embrace her guidance for a joyful, fulfilling life



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