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KINETIC ACTION WORKSHOP: Mixed modal physical preparation for movement disciplines — developing athleticism and the groundwork of longevity

Grassroots CrossFit, 2036 Blake Street, Berkeley CA 94704

Course dates

  • Sat, 11 Mar '23   12pm – 3pm PST - done
  • Sun, 12 Mar '23   12pm – 3pm PDT - done


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Learn a practical framework for cultivating physical self-knowledge, widely applicable movement skills, and athletic physical preparedness. Sharpen your kinesthetic senses and be ready for any movement-based discipline.

Bridge the gap between general physical preparation and your sport or movement art. Learn preparatory sequences and effective techniques for developing balance, mobility, strength, power, elasticity, coordination, and proprioception. Keep your joints healthy and creatively meet life’s physical challenges.

Most prevailing modes of physical training are mechanistic and linear. They condition us to perform relatively circumscribed, repetitive patterns, to isolate body “parts,” and often to overvalue states of exhaustion. Over time they can degrade our sensitivity and leave little room for creativity or problem-solving, with limited carryover to novel or unpredictable movement contexts.

We are interested in approaches to physical preparation that honor the body, respect our limited time, and have direct relevance to movement disciplines. In this workshop we will address the base layer of motor and cognitive faculties that facilitate progress in culturally and spiritually meaningful disciplines such as dance, martial arts, manual work, yoga, sport, and the myriad choreographies of everyday life.

  • We will integrate techniques and concepts from Fighting Monkey Practice, hatha yoga “prelude” forms, classical Western strength & conditioning, and more.
  • We will introduce self-corrective practices that can extend the health-span of our joints and foster an enduring sense of ease in the body.
  • We will learn to use our own bodyweight, commonly available/nonproprietary tools, and training partners to develop whole-body strength, power, elasticity, range of motion, and coordination.

Who is this for?

This workshop is relevant for those who might feel averse to or skeptical about popular methods of fitness training but still understand the need for a physical practice that develops athletic qualities and broadly applicable movement skills.

It will also be relevant for those with an established physical training program who would like to gain new perspectives and awareness of elements that might be missing from their current practice.

The approach offered will be most effective for people who take a patient and long term view, care about movement quality as much as physique/aesthetics, and are prepared to make space for regular movement practice in their daily life.

General workshop outline

  • Content to be adapted to the needs of the group
  • Each workshop section will involve both solo and partner-based exercises (no partner necessary for signup)

Awakening and conditioning the feet, ankles, and shins

Mobilization, pliancy, and intrinsic strength of the feet and lower leg · Elastic conditioning and plyometrics · Standing cycle · Balancing cycle · Feet rooting cycle

Rejuvenating and potentiating the deep wells of power of the knees and hips

Symmetrical and asymmetrical squatting patterns · Knee washing cycle · The mountain cycle · The transitional squat and rotational drop · The hip axis arc · Adding weights for lower body strength & power development · Simple training for the splits

Coiling and uncoiling the functional range of the spine and arms

Spinal pull variations · Spinal pump variations · The power circle · Elements of the rotating wave · The shoulder axis arc · Mobilization and control of the scapula · Pushing and pulling strength progressions · Rotator cuff strength and the shoulder (p)rehabilitation series

Dynamic whole-body coordination — the secret key to expressing kinetic potential

The rotational embrace variations and fundamental swings · Dynamic organization of the feet and 3 bodyweight centers · Rooting, pivoting, and locomotion · Learning complex coordinations and decoding new patterns · Toward exuberant and harmonious expression of power and safe harnessing of momentum


  • Bring a water bottle and a light snack
  • Wear non-mushy shoes if possible (and be ready to take them off)
  • We’ll have a short break each day and it’s possible we run a bit past 3pm depending on the flow of the workshop



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Grassroots CrossFit
2036 Blake Street
Berkeley CA 94704