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Basic Stone Tools

Sunday, 16 July '23   12pm – 4pm EDT
Michigan Folk School Campus, 7734 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105
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Before the advent of metal-working all of our ancestors depended on instruments made out of rock for survival. Stones can be shaped into a variety of functional tools, such as arrowheads, knives, hatchets, and scraping & grinding implements. Having a basic understanding of how to shape and use rock is an invaluable wilderness survival skill.

In this unique workshop, participants learn how to make flakes from cobbles of flint, then modify them into a variety of cutters and scrapers. From there we will mount some of the choice flakes in handles using natural glues and sinew. Once mounted we will take the tools for a test drive bye using them on bone, wood, and hide.



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Michigan Folk School Campus
7734 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48105