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Heirloom Tomatoes: Pruning, Trellising, Fruiting & Harvesting

Tuesday, 15 August '23   5:30pm – 8:30pm EDT
Michigan Folk School Campus, 7734 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105
16 years and over
6 spaces available


This in-depth class is for the homegrown tomato lover. Whether you are a beginner or have grown your own before, this class will have lots to offer to help you understand how to accommodate tomato needs to produce the best, most luscious, longest crop of whichever of this diverse group is your favorite. This is the place to pick up hacks and hints to deal with pests and predators, to learn grow in challenging places, to get hands-on practice with trellising and pruning techniques. Being in tomato season, we will have on-site specimens to study, and will also discuss the botany of fruit ripening, how to pick and ripen, season extension, and basic seed saving. We will also learn about some basic use and preservation ideas to make the most of your homegrown harvest.​

Level: Beginner



Single w/Supply Fee

6 available


Michigan Folk School Campus
7734 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48105