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Wild Mushroom Identification Workshop

Sunday, 4 June '23   9am – 12pm EDT
Park Lyndon South, 18801 North Territorial Road, Chelsea MI 48118
14 years and over
7 spaces available


The goal of this workshop is to learn about identifying mushrooms and the places that they grow. Students will learn to look for certain trees and plants that can be good indicators of edible and medicinal seasonal mushrooms, as well as identify those mushrooms that are poisonous. Ethical forging standards, harvesting techniques, cleaning, preserving, and preparing edible and medicinal mushrooms will be discussed and demonstrated. We can promise this workshop will give you a new appreciation for wild mushrooms in all their glory.

No previous experience necessary. Course is held at Park Lyndon in Chelsea, MI. Lots of trail walking on uneven ground and up and down small hills. Be prepared for cool or warm weather and the possibility of muddy trails.




7 available


Park Lyndon South
18801 North Territorial Road
Chelsea MI 48118


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