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✨ P E A C E ✨ W I T H I N ✨

Sunday, 10 December '23   10am – 3:30pm GMT
Ballymaloe Grainstore, Ballymaloe House Shanagarry, Ballymaloe More, Midleton, Co. Cork
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 ✨ P E A C E  ✨  W I T H I N  ✨


P E A C E // W I T H I N

  • a transformative yoga day retreat. At Ballymaloe Grainstore. on December 10th from 10am - 3.30pm

I don't believe you have to get a peaceful heart. I think there is a native tranquility in each of us that is already there. And through quieting your mind and your heart, you can slip right into it.

  • Pema Chodron

As we approach the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year it is a lovely time to slow down, reflect and connect to the peace within.

Nikki and Dearbhla will be holding a yoga day retreat that will include 2 yoga sessions, a nutritious light lunch and a guided, silent walk around the gardens of Ballymaloe.

Surrounded by the beauty of Ballymaloe this tranquil setting will set the tone for your transformative yoga experience.

Our retreat will begin with a grounding vinyasa yoga session, led by Nikki. She will lead you through a pranayama practice to help you tap into the inner energy and power that is your breath. The vinyasa practice will focus will on forward bends and hip openers which are grounding poses but there will also be some twists to energise and backbends to open the front body.

After the morning yoga session you will taken on a guided silent walk through the beautiful Ballymaloe gardens and then back for a light, warming and nutritious lunch with herbal teas and a healthy, sweet dessert!

In the afternoon, Dearbhla will lead a deeply calming and grounding Yin practice. We will take some time to release the spine, neck and shoulders,

Then letting our body open into to some deep hip releasing poses and forward folds. relaxing into some heart opening poses before a deeply relaxing Savasana.

Letting the whole year go if you wish as we approach the Winter Solstice. Allowing your body to surrender to deep relaxation.

Dearbhla will be using essential oils while you are in Savasana which will help you drop into an even deeper relaxation.

"Peace Within" is more than just a yoga retreat; it's an invitation to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner harmony. It offers you a sanctuary to reconnect with yourself, find inner peace, and cultivate a deeper understanding of your mind, body, and spirit.

Let go of the year, reconnect with your true presence and discover the profound serenity that resides within.

We hope to see you there!

Dearbhla & Nikki


All you need is a your water bottle and yourself!






Ballymaloe Grainstore
Ballymaloe House Shanagarry
Ballymaloe More
Co. Cork