Our 3rd World Culinary Tour: Taste the World!

Friday, 9 November '18   7pm - 11pm
Impact Hub, 1 Rue Fendt, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Our last two culinary tours were a success, because of YOU and our amazing CHEFS. Let's start tasting the world again!

For those new to our event: WELCOME to a unique and intimate food festival experience! From West Africa to East Asia, you will go places you never imagined you would ever go. Take on a culinary journey by trying our healthy and authentic homemade meals from around the globe, made especially by our home chefs.

"we don't need a plane to travel, just a plate!"

For those familiar with our event, it's now simpler, with more opportunities to explore diverse cuisines! This is the breakdown:
STEP 1: buy ticket online (this would pay the cover charge, imposed on every adult)
STEP 2: show ticket when entering the event premise (you can pay the cover charge at the door, if not online, at 10% higher price)
STEP 3: claim your 6 magical tokens from the token table, with no additional charge
STEP 4: go around the festival and choose what to spend the token on - build your own tasting menu!

  • Main course costs 2 tokens
  • Snacks cost 1 token
  • Dessert costs 1 token

Imagine eating Sri Lankan vadai for apero, Nigerian Jollof rice and Tanzanian stew as the main course, and some chocolate samosa for dessert !!Or if stew is not your thing, some Kenyan fish? YUM!

You will also be able to buy more tokens during the event!

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to make sure you receive up-to-date news about the event, including the menu. Can't wait to taste the world with you soon!

*This is a children-friendly event. A child's cover charge is inclusive with the parents'. We suggest parents to buy additional tokens during the event for children


Early bird pass
Available until Mon 29 Oct '18 12:15am
* this gives you 6 tokens & costs 16% cheaper than when bought at the door
25,00 CHF
Priority pass
Available until Fri 9 Nov '18 5pm
* this gives you 6 tokens & costs 10% cheaper than when bought at the door
27,00 CHF
Student pass
Available until Fri 9 Nov '18 5pm
* this gives you 6 tokens & you're required to show a valid student ID upon entering
20,00 CHF

Impact Hub
1 Rue Fendt
1201 Geneva