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STAR Services
Program Services Consultants

STAR Services is a training, education, staffing, consulting, and business development resource for social service agencies, individuals, families, social service professionals, schools, and government agencies. STAR Consultants have a combined experience of over 100 years of supporting individuals with various disabilities and mental health conditions in a variety of settings.

Komende gebeurtenissen met STAR Services
Van 30 mrt 2023
maart, 2023
30 do Cursus: 1 datum Overview of 9544: The Positive Supports Rule - Virtual Classroom
4 di Cursus: 12 datum 2023 Supervisory, Management, and Leadership Training Series - Virtual Classroom
5 wo 10:00 CDT Room and Board Payments - Virtual Classroom
11 di Cursus: 6 datum Designated Coordinator/Manager Development Program - Virtual Classroom
12 wo 10:00 CDT Five Keys for Approaching Licensing Reviews with Confidence - Virtual Classroom
19 wo Cursus: 2 datum The Nuts and Bolts of Chapter 245D Program Standards - Virtual Classroom
26 wo 10:00 CDT Quality Assurance and Program Improvement for All 245D Licensed Services - Virtual Classroom
27 do 10:00 CDT Continuous Quality Improvement Process for ICS - Virtual Classroom
3 wo 10:00 CDT Completing the Financial Form 6790C: Basic Part 1 - Virtual Classroom
4 do 09:00 CDT Mankato - Compliance Keys and Success Strategies
10:00 CDT Viewing Inclusion as the #1 Job Function of DSPs - Virtual Classroom
9 di 3 dagen Designated Coordinator/Manager Development Program
15 ma Cursus: 4 datum Person-Centered Thinking - Virtual Classroom
18 do 09:00 CDT Brainerd - Compliance Keys and Success Strategies
24 wo 09:00 CDT Virtual - Compliance Keys and Success Strategies
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