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Wild and Precious: a Grief Tending Ceremony

Saturday, 6 July '24   10am – 6pm BST
1st Norwich Sea Scouts, Old Lakenham Hall Drive, Norwich, NR1 2NW
Wild and Precious: a Grief Tending Ceremony


You are warmly invited to join us for a day of grief tending in community. This is a place for you to bring:

  • current grief for bereavement, health issues and life changes
  • long-term grief, passed down through families and culture
  • grief for our earth, for the destruction of what we love, and for future generations
  • pain for the world
  • grief that feels stuck or frozen.

You may also simply want to deepen your relationship with grief as a force for personal and cultural transformation and healing, and to experience yourself as part of a community of lament. All of this and more is welcome.

If you haven't experienced this approach before, you may find it helpful to attend our online introductory session on 18th June.

(You can join our mailing list here to be notified about when other introductions are happening).

Please note: bookings for this event will be closed 24 hours in advance.

The Shape of the Workshop

We'll be checking in with what is resourcing and holding us in life at this time, through invocation and gratitude; and stirring the waters of our grief through small group practices.

We'll then move into our ceremony, and we'll finish with a time of soothing and integration.

What is Ceremony?

The idea of ceremony can feel edgy for some of us. It's a language that takes us beyond the spoken word and into the realm of symbol, poetry, song and embodied expression. We're finding our way with this, drawing on ancient wisdom traditions and modern psychology, and innovating ways of coming together that can best serve us in these times.

We have found that the safety and sanctity of the circle can help awaken the heart-knowing that exists within each of us, as together we call in the wider holding of the natural world, and of the realms above and beyond our own to support us in our grief tending. We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery.

Why Grieve Together?

There are many facets to this question. As we step into the waters of grief, we often discover that it also helps awaken our joy and our sense of aliveness.

Sharing our vulnerability and witnessing each other in our grief can be a strong medicine that helps bring us home to what it is to be fully human, in solidarity with each other and with the natural world.

In these times, as we seek new and better ways of supporting wellness and growing community and connection, being present with this most human of experiences may well be one of keys to bringing about deep personal and cultural transformation.

Have a look on our website for a longer piece reflecting on this question:
Why Grieve Together

And here are some personal testimonials to find out what others say about this work:

The Venue

We'll be meeting at the Sea Scouts Hall in Lakenham. The hall is spacious and beautiful with an outside area that looks out onto the flowing River Yare.

Sharing Lifts

We encourage participants to connect up with each other to arrange lift shares, to help out those who don't have transport, but also to be mindful of fuel consumption. We will email you presently with a Google spreadsheet to facilitate lift sharing.

Mailing list

You can signup to our email list here:

Mailing list


With thanks to local artist Rob Barnes for our event images. You can look at his linocut creations here

This event is organised in association with the Gathering Gates



We would be grateful if you would answer the fairly in-depth questions in the booking form, to help us prepare for the day. There are some occasions where we may want to have phone call with you to hear more about what's moving for you in your life. Further details about what you can expect from the event and how to prepare will be sent on booking.

Further details about what you can expect from the day and how to prepare will be sent on booking.

Financial Gifts

We're offering this event on a gift basis where you choose the amount of your financial gift. Your initial £20 is to reserve your place, a kind of placeholder deposit. Please get in touch if this is a problem for you as we don't want finances to be a barrier.

We'll be inviting additional financial gifts on the day and will send more information to help you think through how much you would like to contribute. As a guide, we are suggesting between £60 and £125 in total (including your initial payment) for this event. But it's really fine if your contribution is less, or indeed more. We would also be happy to refund some or all of your placeholder deposit at the end of the day if you wish to reduce your contribution.

Have a look on our website for more on this:
Living in the Gift

Gift Aid

We are a registered Charity and we can boost your donation by 25% by claiming Gift Aid, without you paying any extra. Gift Aid is reclaimed by us from the tax you pay for the current tax year. All we need from you is your consent, and your address. We appreciate your support with this.



Reserve your place

We're offering this on a gift basis. Your initial £20 is to reserve your place. Please get in touch if this is a problem for you as we don't want finances to be a barrier.


1st Norwich Sea Scouts
Old Lakenham Hall Drive

There is some free parking directly outside the venue. More free parking available on Mansfield Lane.


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