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Reception and Perception: A study of the Nervous System

Thursday, 18 August '22   6 days
The Field Center, 61 Williams Road, Chester VT 05143
Reception and Perception: A study of the Nervous System


Part 4/4 of the Axis Syllabus series “The Study of Dynamic Motion”

This class will look at what we understand about the nervous system. Its evolution, the role of mechano-reception along side neuro-reception, and how movement and disorientation prepares the CNS for pliability and resilience.

This is a single workshop but is intended to feed into a 4 part series.
This is a 6 day workshop starting at 4pm on Thursday, and ending at 12 noon on Tuesday. This program is residential (group living with private bath).
The schedule will include 24 hrs of instruction: Dinner on Thursday, three meals on Friday- Monday and breakfast on Tuesday.


Reception and Perception
Can be booked using class pass:
  • The Study of Dynamic Motion: An Axis Syllabus Series (All 4 events - save $150)


The Field Center
61 Williams Road
Chester VT 05143