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Bridge for All Course, Year 1 Term 2 2024 Monday Afternoon at Oxford Bridge Club

Monday, 4 March '24   2pm – 4pm GMT
Oxford Bridge Club, 147 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7AN
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Course dates

  • Mon, 8 Jan '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 15 Jan '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 22 Jan '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 29 Jan '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 5 Feb '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 19 Feb '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 26 Feb '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 4 Mar '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 11 Mar '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 18 Mar '24   2pm – 4pm GMT - done


This course is open to those who have completed Term 1, are just starting their bridge career and are complete beginners or for those that would like to revisit all bridge topics from the start.

The Year 1 Term 2 Bridge for All course is a 10 week course (Lessons 11 - 20) and is based on the English Bridge Union’s ‘Bridge for All’ programme, using the Standard English ACOL bidding system. The cost is £110 per term.

Tutor: Christine Bishop/Pam Parsons/Pauline Wyman

Each week's class includes some gentle teaching and a lot of practice. The topics to be covered in Term 2 are:

Y1L11 Opener's Rebids with a Weak Hand
Y1L12 Opener's Rebid with a Strong Hand
Y1L13 Bidding Strong Balanced Hands

Y1L14 Declarer Play in NT

Y1L15 Declarer Play - Finesse, Hold-up and Duck
Y1L16 Declarer Play in a Suit Contract

Y1L17 Suit Overcalls and Responses
Y1L18 Take-out Doubles

Y1L19 The Opening Lead
Y1L20 Defenders' Play of the Cards

Oxford Bridge Club is a charity and runs its education programme on a 'not for profit' basis. All of our teachers are fully trained, experienced Bridge teachers. The club offers a structured support programme for beginners in addition to lessons, enabling our students to gain the confidence to progress from classes to full club sessions if they so wish.

Level: Beginner


Post-booking details

The course will take place at Oxford Bridge Club, 147 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7AN. You will find further details about the location and transport on our website at

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time to allow time to register and be seated.

We hope that you enjoy the course. After the course is complete we may ask you to provide feedback to help us guide future events.

Bookings cancelled 7 or more days before a single event or, in the case of a course, 7 or more days before the start date of that course, are eligible for a full refund. Applications for refunds for short-notice cancellations (i.e. less than 7 days before the event or start of the course) caused by emergencies will be considered by OBS on an individual basis. Full refunds or credits against future events will be given should OBS cancel a course.



Course of 10 sessions

Course ticket - for all 10 dates.
7 available
Bridge for All Course Year 1, Term 2 Monday afternoons.

J&AM x 5

2 available
Bridge for All tickets for second half of the course


Oxford Bridge Club
147 Banbury Road