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Playcentre Education Registrations for Modules delivered Online

Tena koutou katoa

Welcome to the Playcentre Education page to register your interest to do a module online. These modules are part of the Playcentre Education programme for the level 4 qualification NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care. Whether you do a module face to face, as an online course or as a webinar series you will receive the same learning, do the same assessment and be awarded the same module.

Both Online Courses and Webinars can be accessed with tablets, ipads, phones, laptops and PCs.

For Online Courses learning takes place on the iQualify platform
• Online courses 'go live' at the beginning of the month (on the 1st or 2nd depending on the numbers registered to start) and also start mid month (15th or 16th if there are a group of registered students eligible and ready to start). You will receive an invitation from iQualify to access your course just before it is due to start. Once live you can access the learning materials (readings, videos and exercises) any time and progress at your own pace. For B series modules you should be able to finish in a month or less. You can continue to access and do the course from 'my past courses' after the 4 week period ends.
• Students doing online courses find and submit their assessments through the online assessment unit.
• Tutor support is provided via talk channels, discussion boards and by email.
• B401, B402, B403 and all C-series modules (except C408) are available as an online course.
• For help with online courses or to borrow a chromebook to enable you to do an online course contact Haley Brown

For Webinars (web-based seminars) you will meet your tutor/s and other participants in a "virtual workshop" using an online link at the dates and time specified in the advertised schedule.
• Students doing the module by webinar will be sent the assessment tasks and send assessments to the email
• Make sure you are available to attend each session at the date and time scheduled.
• B401, B403, and B404 are available as a set of 4 webinars.
• For help with webinars contact Mary Alford

Important Information: New students (not yet enrolled in the programme)

• The Guide to Enrolment and Student Handbook and Bookwhen FAQs can be found on the Playcentre Website. Please read these prior to booking.

• When you first register to access B401 online (either as an online course or as a webinar series) an enrolment pack will be sent to you - electronically by email or if you request a paper version it will be posted to the postal address you supply when registering. The enrolment pack includes:
1. an enrolment form
2. a consent to police vet form and
3. a safety check form. A safety check required by the Children’s Act 2014 will be carried out so that it is completed before you finish the Playcentre Educator Award.

• You will also need to provide identity documents which show you are a domestic student. The information about this is on the Playcentre website under ‘enrolment’ and will also be in the enrolment pack.

Already enrolled students:

B-series Modules

If you have done B401 face to face and completed the process to enrol in the programme you will be able to register for access to B402 when a course is available
If you have done B402 face to face and completed the process to enrol in the programme you will be able to register for access to B401 when a course is available

C-Series Modules

Start with C405 – Theory Guides Practice. (This module is in two parts C405A and C405B)

• Your eligibility to start C405A will be checked when you register for C405A (you must have completed the Playcentre Educator Award and Safety Check process) then you will be placed on the next available course.
New courses start at the beginning of each month.

C-series – beyond C405

You must have submitted at least one and preferable all three of the assessment tasks for C405 before you will be given access for other C-series modules online when these courses are available.

The expectation is that you finish or at least submit an assessment for each module before being given access to another online module.

C409 is by invitation - it is to be done as the last module in the qualification and we will send you an invitation for the next available C409 when you reach this point in your studies.

To Filter By Course Level:

Playcentre Introductory Award Playcentre Educator Award NZ Certificate CSeries
From 11 Aug 2022
August, 2022
17 Wed Course: 4 dates WEBINAR B404 - Te Kākano Module
23 Tue Course: 4 dates WEBINAR B403 - Positive Relationships Module
25 Thu Course: 4 dates WEBINAR B404 - Te Kākano Module
1 Thu 30 days ONLINE - B403 - Positive Relationships (using iQualify Platform)
Times shown in timezone: Wellington