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Health Talk with cardiologist Dr. Scott Reising

wtorek, 21 wrzesień '21   12:00 – 13:00 CDT

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Health Talks will be live events (on Zoom) where you will be able to directly ask our doctors questions and learn about specific topics throughout the year.

Our first talk will be with cardiologist Dr. Scott Reising. Heart health is so important but something we don’t often talk about enough – here are a few of the topics he plans to cover.
• Best and worst diet for the heart
• How exercise affects overall health
• How we can reduce residual cardio metabolic risk
• How people can be better screened to prevent heart attacks and stroke
• How to discover increased genetic risks for cardiac events
Date: Sept. 21

Time: noon-1 p.m. CST (Zoom invite to follow once you have booked the event)

BRING YOUR QUESTIONS on these topics and more!

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