Craft Camp: Paints, Inks and Mixed Media Art Grades 3rd-7th grades

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  • pon, 15 cze '20   11:00 – 12:15 PDT - wykonano

An exciting week exploring paints, inks and mixed media form! This studio will tour the ways to create art using acrylic paints, alcohol inks and a combination of art forms and objects to create mixed media art. The schedule of crafts include: marble painting using acrylic paints, a wall art display using non toxic alcohol inks, batik art painting and creating a mixed media art project using upcycled materials, paint and stencils. Each craft is designed and taught to support the age and interest of kids enrolled. An interest form will be sent to you prior to class to learn more about your kid(s) to finalize details for a great week of learning and discovery!


Craft Kit with all of the materials for the week is included and will be available for pick-up prior to the first day.
Some home materials will be requested for use during the workshop ( i.e. hair dryer, bowls, spoons, etc.)
This camp is interactive and conducted online.
Kids are expected to attend all five days of the camp. No partial enrollment or day to day registration.


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One seat
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Virtual Workshop