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Rights: What They Are and How to Support Advocacy - Free Virtual Event

z prowadzącym: STAR Services
środa, 26 stycznia '22   10:00 – 11:30 CST
Rights: What They Are and How to Support Advocacy - Free Virtual Event

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This course is presented using funding provided by DHS to help ensure people have access to the highest quality home and community based supports.

As a 245D Home and Community Based Services provider, you have the important job of upholding and helping each person you support exercise their rights. However, we often see through licensing correction orders and STAR consulting visits that many times rights are being limited on a daily basis, often unintentionally. How do we ensure everyone’s rights are being upheld and advocated for? What are some of the commonly misunderstood rights? How do we balance the implementation of rights and personal health and safety? Through this training we will explore how we can truly support everyone’s rights and foster advocacy.


Please Note: This session will not be available on demand. A recording will be made available for two weeks for registered participants.

When registering participants, please use the attendee's email address. Do not use the booker's email address for participants.



Free Virtual Event

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