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Yin yoga to unwind

niedziela, 7 listopad '21   20:00 – 21:00 GMT
Chloe Hay Yoga Zoom
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A beautiful way to end a week and set intentions for the new one about to begin. Yin yoga is a very slow, still practice where we hold just a handful of poses for a few minutes each. The body is relaxed, enabling us to work with the fascia of the body rather than the muscles, creating space and strengthening and lengthening the tissues of the body. It's a great practice for calming both body and mind, letting go of stress and shifting into our rest and digest mode. The perfect practice for doing from home, you're welcome to stay in savasana long after the class is over if you like. Yin yoga is suitable for all body types and can be practised at any stage of the menstrual cycle as well as by people who are currently trying to conceive, who are pregnant or who are transitioning through/have transitioned through menopause. Everyone welcome.


If you have a yoga mat and bolster, great! If not, lay a towel or blanket on the floor, and have a few cushions or pillows to hand. Wear any clothes that are comfy and please feel free to light some candles, play some calming music and create a little sanctuary space for yourself.



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Chloe Hay Yoga Zoom