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EMPOWERED - Awaken, Transform & Thrive - 7 week online programme.

Monday, 1 May '23   10am – 11am BST
EMPOWERED - Awaken, Transform & Thrive - 7 week online programme.

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.


Empowered is an inspiring and motivational online program that will guide you back home to Self. Together, in community we will do deep and meaningful work to support you in becoming a more grounded, self-assured and empowered woman.

"I created Eco Self-Empowerment™ (ESE) with the intention of fostering higher levels of self awareness, self compassion and self certainty in women. The vision is to empower women, through an eco based inside-out approach, to become grounded, centred, powerful agents for change in this crazy changing world.
We need a new approach, one that upholds the feminine, one that rises from the very earth upon which we make our stand."

7 weeks to step into your power!
A program that will support you on becoming empowered, awakening your sense of Self, helping you to feel stronger and connected with the Earth and Spirit, whilst being part of a supportive community of like minded women.
This program includes wkly :
*Teachings on Empowerment (ECO SELF-EMPOWERMENT™).
*Sister Circles.
*Self-care practices.
*Integration work.
*Card reading.

Plus, online Community & supportive sisterhood.

*All sessions will be recorded so you can tune in at any time.

Program outline:
Morning - Card reading, delivery of the intention for the week via videos and files + integration work.
*Opening Circle - 1st of May at 7pm.

9:30am - Circle gatherings.

Weekly Themes.
Week 1: Self-Worth.
Week 2: Self-Knowledge.
Week 3: Self-Care.
Week 4: Self-Parenting.
Week 5: Authenticity.
Week 6: Connection.
Week 7: Connection With the Divine.

*1 Yoga session wkly.




Available until Mon 1 May '23 9am

EMPOWERED - Bring a friend (ticket for 2)

Available until Mon 1 May '23 9am
Please email me your friends name and email so I know who they are and I can add them to our online community.

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