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Woodworks Classes

Fancy learning new skills, developing existing ones or discovering a talent you never knew you had? Perhaps you’re fed up with paying to get people to do the simplest jobs or you just want to gain confidence to take on these jobs yourself. Woodworks Learn is intended to do exactly that, to equip you with woodworking skills for whatever you project or purpose you have in mind. Woodwork is an ancient and endlessly fascinating craft, deeply satisfying, at times challenging but just wonderful.

Woodworks Learn is a new programme open to everyone. You may have no experience; you may have skills and experience but no space; whatever this programme is flexible enough to be tailored to your needs.

From 27 Feb 2024
February, 2024
29 Thu 6:30pm GMT
1 Fri 9:30am GMT
2pm GMT
2 Sat 9:30am GMT
6 Wed 6:30pm GMT
7 Thu 6:30pm GMT
8 Fri 9:30am GMT
2pm GMT
13 Wed 7:45pm GMT
14 Thu 6:30pm GMT
15 Fri 9:30am GMT
2pm GMT
16 Sat 9:30am GMT
21 Thu 6:30pm GMT
22 Fri 9:30am GMT
2pm GMT
4 Thu 6:30pm BST
5 Fri 9:30am BST
2pm BST
11 Thu 6:30pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London