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TUESDAY Basketball Coney Hill

Tuesday, 9 January '24   4pm – 5pm GMT
Basketball Court, Stanway Road, Coney Hill, Gloucester, GL4 4RE
10 to 14 years
TUESDAY Basketball Coney Hill


Fluff it, duff it, score it, smash it, whatever you do, just #giveitago.

Ever given basketball a shot? Join us for an exciting opportunity to learn new skills, play sports, make friends, and have some meaningful life chats! This is the perfect space for school years 6 - 9 to hoop it up and enjoy the game.

No need to worry about reservations – just drop in, bring your energy, and let's shoot some hoops together. It's all about having a blast, making connections, and discovering the joy of basketball. See you on the court! 🏀🤝🗣️

Level: #Giveitago


All abilities welcome.

For more information please contact Luke Gomes at:

Run by Sportily
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Basketball Court
Stanway Road
Coney Hill, Gloucester