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Autumn Equinox Sound Bath with Andy Steele (Horton Heath)

Sunday, 22 September '24   10:30am – 11:45am BST
Horton Heath Community Centre, Botley Road, Horton Heath, Eastleigh, SO50 7DU
13 years and over
18 spaces available
Autumn Equinox Sound Bath with Andy Steele (Horton Heath)


Join Andy of Painting Sounds at Horton Heath Community Centre for a Sunday Morning Soundbath, inspired by the Autumn Equinox.

A time of equal light and dark, the perfect time to pause, reflect and redress a sense of balance and harmony.

75 minutes to yourself to be nourished and nurtured. You will be invited to find a comfortable position to sit or lay to be immersed in the sounds and vibrations of a range of healing instruments.

Whether you are looking to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep or simply get away from it all for a while, a sound bath is just the thing.

No towel required (as it is only sounds you will be bathed in), but please do bring a blanket and anything else you may need to feel comfortable, such as a cushion.

If you have any questions please do ask.

(Suitable for ages 13+)
(Not suitable for participants who are in the first trimester of pregnancy)

Level: all


Please bring your own mat or blanket to lay on and also a blanket to keep you warm, along with a cushion or pillow for comfort. Chairs are available at the venue should you like one.

Wear any comfortable, warm clothing and bring a filled water bottle with you.

Please take all belongings to a place marker where you should place your mat/blanket. Your belongings should then be placed to one side, keeping your water bottle to hand.

Toilets are available for your use before or after the session.



Autumn Equinox Sound Bath with Andy - Horton Heath

18 available
Autumn Equinox Sound Bath with Andy - Horton Heath


Horton Heath Community Centre
Botley Road
Horton Heath
SO50 7DU


  • Toilets
  • Parking