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Random Bits and Pieces: Commonly Missed Requirements - Virtual Classroom

Thursday, 8 June '23   10am – 11am CDT
Random Bits and Pieces: Commonly Missed Requirements - Virtual Classroom

This is an online event.

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How many of us can actually say "Yes! I know MN Statutes, Chapter 245D like the back of my hand"? Likely not all of us. It is one thing to know the "big" pieces of compliance requirements such as addendum paperwork, but what about those small just-as-important compliance pieces​? What if something was missed? MN Statute, Chapter 245D is not the only regulation we must follow. These intense requirements can become mixed up and confused.

This virtual classroom will cover commonly overlooked components of Chapter 245D and related regulations. Some of the topics we will discuss include:

  • The admission and discharge register and how to keep it up to date
  • The importance of policies, how and when to make revisions and how to notify support team members of those revisions
  • Reviewing temporary service suspension and service termination requirements and what to do about the discharge inventory
  • Exploring environment and safety standards applicable to site-based services
  • Learning about volunteers and temp staff - how they can be utilized and what training they require

This session is taught by an experienced consultant who knows the "ins and outs" of Chapter 245D and other applicable regulations like the back of their hand!

CEU Contact Hours: 1.2 for Nurses, 1 for Social Workers


Registered participants will have access to the session recording for two weeks following the training.



Virtual Classroom - Early Bird

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Virtual Classroom

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