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Skip the Resolution, Embrace the Power of Habits - Virtual Classroom

Thursday, 18 February '21   10am – 11am CST
Skip the Resolution, Embrace the Power of Habits - Virtual Classroom

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Whether you are a New Year’s Resolution person or not, we all have things we’d like to accomplish, goals that we set, and stories of giving up in failure. We hear a lot of about the importance of self-care in our field, but occasionally doing something nice for ourselves creates only a moment of happiness, not a path to longer term contentment and growth. Learning how to evaluate, understand and tweak our habits is the key to achieving our goals, and living a more successful personal and professional life. In this training, we will examine the role of habits in our lives. We will look at the choices that we make at home and at work, and how they influences what we accomplish. We will look at how habits are formed, how they are changed, and how they are maintained. This training will help you be better able to identify, evaluate, and find a path to achieving your personal and professional goals.

CEU Contact Hours: 1.2 for Nurses, 1 for Social Workers

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Virtual Classroom

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