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Basic Support Services: DC and DM Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

Thursday, 24 February '22   10am – 11am CST
Basic Support Services: DC and DM Job Duties - Virtual Classroom

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MN Statutes, chapter 245D, requires all service providers to have a Designated Coordinator (DC) and a Designated Manager (DM). But what exactly are these positions responsible for? This session is designed for agencies and DCs/DMs who are responsible for oversight of basic support services specifically.

Course objectives:

  • Explore what educational and experiential qualifications are required to be a DC and DM
  • Identify each DC and DM job duty provided in chapter 245D
  • Discuss examples of these job duties and how a basic support provider can fulfill these responsibilities
  • Brainstorm practical tips to being a DC and DM including organization, communication, scheduling, and tracking of all necessary information

Being a DC and DM can feel overwhelming especially when more and more responsibilities fall onto the shoulders of these positions. Many DCs and DMs find themselves being held accountable for compliance to chapter 245D without understanding how their role is vital to that area. This session is a fantastic introduction to the DC and DM world of responsibilities. Once completed, other STAR Services virtual and live trainings are available to advance a DC's and DM's understanding and skills to the next level.

CEU Contact Hours: 1.2 for Nurses, 1 for Social Workers

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Registered participants will have access to the session recording for two weeks following the training.



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