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STAR Services Training
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STAR Services is a training, education, staffing, consulting, and business development resource for social service agencies, individuals, families, social service professionals, schools, and government agencies. STAR Trainers have a combined experience of over 100 years of supporting individuals with various disabilities and mental health conditions in a variety of settings.

Upcoming events with STAR Services Training
From 21 Feb 2024
February, 2024
21 Wed 4:30pm CST
6:30pm CST
24 Sat 10am CST
26 Mon 10am CST
12:30pm CST
27 Tue 9am CST
2 Sat 10am CST
12:30pm CST
4 Mon 10am CST
12:30pm CST
5 Tue 9am CST
6 Wed 4:30pm CST
6:30pm CST
9 Sat 10am CST
11 Mon 10am CDT
Times shown in timezone: Central Time (US & Canada)