Cork Autism Conference 2019 - CPD Accredited

söndag, 22 september '19   08:00 - 18:00
Clayton Hotel Silver Springs, Tivoli, Cork, T23 E244

SOLD OUTCORK AUTISM CONFERENCE 2019 ~ Autism: No Limits, Just Possibilities

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Do you support or care for autistic children or adults?

EMPOWER and Support Yourself and them by Joining the 2019 Cork Autism Conference - Autism: No Limits, Just Possibilities by learning tools, strategies and insights which will help you to best support and empower the lives of autistic people.

This special conference will address approaches to issues from first diagnosis, early intervention to adulthood.

The event provides a unique forum for parents, families, caregivers, autistic adults, employers, educators, professionals, agencies, advocates and anyone with an interest in autism.


Dr. Peter Vermeulen

Bestselling Author, Senior Lecturer, Trainer & Consultant in Autism, Dr. Peter Vermeulen - Author: “Autism as context blindness”, (a book than won several awards in the USA) “This is the title: on autistic thinking”, “I am Special: handbook for psycho-education” and 12 other books on autism.
Talk Title ~ From Neurodiversity to Neuroharmony. Plea For A Smaller But Stronger Autism.

Anna Kennedy OBE

Autism Advocate, Author, Mother, Founder UK Autism Charity Anna Kennedy Online, Anna Kennedy OBE - Author of “Not Stupid”, Finalist BBC Peoples Strictly 2015 and Founder Autism got Talent, UK.  
Talk Title ~ Autism And The Performing Arts

Connor Ward

Autism Spokesperson, Speaker, Consultant and Vlogger, Connor Ward
Talk Title ~ How I Turned My Autism Into A Career

Jessie Hewitson

Bestselling Author, Mother and Journalist, Jessie Hewitson - Author: Autism: How to Raise a Happy Autistic Child
Talk Title *~ How to Raise a Happy Autistic Individual

Geoff Evans

International Speaker, Autism Consultant and Trainer, Geoff Evans
Talk Title ~ A Holistic Approach To Supporting Autistic Individuals With Behaviours That Challenge.

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WATCH Dr. Peter Vermeulen on Autism, Happiness and Wellbeing HERE

WATCH Anna Kennedy OBE TedTalk on how Autism Is An Inspiration, Not An Illness HERE

This is a unique opportunity designed to collaboratively educate and inform individuals, families and practitioners.

Why attend


✓ Hear Leading Autism Professionals share TOOLS and INTERVENTIONS to give you the unique opportunity to ADVANCE YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN AUTISM

✓ Learn ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS and WISDOM from an autistic person, to best support autistic people

✓ Achieve 7 CPD ACCREDITED HOURS for professionals

✓ Discover “WHAT WORKS” from recognised professionals in autism to IMPROVE OUTCOMES FOR AUTISTIC INDIVIDUALS of all ages

✓ Gain Approaches to Develop HEALTHY & EMPOWERING RELATIONSHIPS with Autistic People
✓ Access PRACTICAL RESOURCES and STRATEGIES for meeting and exceeding the challenges of autism and best empower autistic people

✓ Discover TRUSTED SPECIALIST PRODUCTS and SERVICES ON AUTISM including learning tools; communication aids; educational products; sensory equipment; advice and support services
✓ Awaken the POWER OF POSSIBILITY in Responding and Relating to Autistic People

✓ Have the OPPORTUNITY TO CLARIFY AREAS OF AUTISM and ask questions that cannot be answered by reading a book, website or blogpost

✓ Network and connect with FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES and CLIENTS

What to expect

“Our intention is that individuals, families and healthcare providers who attend this conference, gain practical and actionable insights, knowledge and skills to best support and empower autistic people” ~ Cork Autism Conference

Venue: Clayton Silversprings Hotel, Tivoli, Cork

Date: September 22nd, from 8.00am until 6.00pm

What should attend

● Clinicians across the professional field, including GPs, child and adolescent psychologists, psychotherapists, ​paediatricians, speech and language therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists
● Teachers, principals, SNAs from primary schools, secondary school and special schools
● Autistic individuals and their parents, families and carers
● Autism Advocates
● Clinical managers, mental health, disability nurses, care workers or anyone working in the field of autism
● Mental health therapists, healers, dieticians, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists, yoga teachers, nutritional therapists, art therapists. music therapists, drama therapists. acupuncturists and holistic therapists
● Pharmacists and dentists
● Autism specialists
● Directors/service managers/team leaders of public and private disability and autism services
● Childhood development professionals, social workers and support workers.
● Autism groups and charity organisations
● Department directors, course coordinators, lecturers, career guidance counsellors, tutors and students of local authorities, colleges, universities and other third level educational institutions
● Employers and employer groups
● Voluntary sector groups and not-for-profit organisations
● Researchers and policy makers
● Anybody who wants to empower and support autistic people


Nicole & Tony

"The Cork Autism Conference was the best conference I attended in the area of autism for a very long time. I gained a more in depth understanding of the challenges families and children with autism face and the possibilities there are to turn these challenges into the opportunities and make society a more enriched, inclusive, diverse and equitable place to live.
The Conference provided me with a much-needed opportunity to gain insights, wisdom and tools that will make the lives of those with autism and their families so much better. The solution-focused approach and celebration of autism as a difference that enriches all of our lives, is the reason I am returning again this year"
- Prof. Emer Ring, Dean of Education, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

"I loved the Cork Autism Conference because it was practical, very positive and there was a great variety of speakers. I learned so much that day, especially listening to people who have autism. It has taught me that there is hope. They talked about ways around their difficulties.
I learned to listen, to see the world from the person with autism’s perspective and that continuity with therapists matters greatly. I have told all the parents I met on HSE courses that it is a very intense day but time and money very well spent. It was very inspiring and it gave me hope. It was well worth the trek from Dublin and I have already booked for this year."
- Ciara Dwyer, Parent and Sunday Independent Journalist

"Dr. Beardon’s talk was very insightful and I obtained some new skills listening to Julie O'Sullivan to help me in working with those I support. Robyn Steward inspired me to encourage and support those with autism to improve their self esteem and be the best they can be. I would recommend this conference to others I work with."
- Rosemarie Dempsey, RT Instructior, Coaction West Cork

"I really loved the wide variety of speakers at the 2018 Cork Autism Conference. The Speech and Language advice was extremely practical for both parents and professionals. It was intriguing to hear about Robyn Steward's experiences in the educational system and life in general! I will definitely be attending the 2019 Cork Autism Conference. I recommend it 100% to anyone interested in the area of autism."- Fleur Dunphy, Behaviour Therapist, Cork

"I found the conference beneficial, practical and inspiring on so many levels. The speakers spoke across a range of highly relevant aspects of autism providing many useful practical tools and instilling hope across the audience. From a personal and a professional point of view, I will certainly be able to apply some of the key learnings from the day itself. It was an enormously beneficial use of my time in spending a day at such an excellent event." - Avril Quinn, Parent, HR Consultant

"Well done to all involved in the Cork Autism Conference. Speakers were excellent. Knowledge is power. Lots of excellent ideas given, to empower me to help my son." - Marie Looney, Parent, Cork Autism Conference Delegate


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