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Liz Day
Spaceholder and Community Tender

Liz's lifelong quest has been around the question 'What is community?', an ongoing living inquiry into how we can restore the lost circles of life.

This has led her to study, train and practice a number of collaborative modalities. Amongst these is sociocracy, which she has been experimenting with over a period of some 14 or so years, having attended a workshop in 2008, an intensive three-day training programme on Sociocracy 3.0 in 2016 and, more recently, a six week S3 Foundations course (online).

Liz has explored, studied and trained in numerous other collaborative processes during this time, including Dragon Dreaming, The Work that Reconnects, Theory U, Appreciative Inquiry, the Way of Council, Open Space and World Cafe.

Liz is also a facilitator of Grief Tending in Community and the Work That Reconnects and a co-founder of Norfolk Grief Tending, having studied and trained with Joanna Macy and Sophy Banks. Liz is grounded in many years of her own personal development work and activism; she has 34 years of service and abstinence in 12 step recovery groups and is co-founder of The Gathering Gates.

Liz has also trained and studied with Cynthia Bourgeault and other teachers within the mystical stream of Christianity, and has run workshops, groups and contemplative worship events at the Norwich Christian Meditation Centre.

Liz's other work experience includes campaigning on international debt, lobbying against nuclear power, coordinating a regional social welfare advice network, and fundraising for a community farm. Liz holds a first class BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. She is a campfire musician, a 5Rhythms dancer and an aspiring writer and poet in the mystical wisdom tradition.

"Spirituality and faith has been at the centre of my life, and this has played out in the context of 12 step recovery, the Christian contemplative tradition and, increasingly these days, in the wide-open space of the 'Church Without Walls'. From these journeys of discovery, inner and outer, I have become convinced of the need for coming together in new ways, and, as a facilitator and trainer, I aim to fuse spiritual inquiry, heart-centred communication and deep listening with emergent co-creativity."

Upcoming events with Liz Day
From 24 Sep 2023
October, 2023
14 Sat 10am BST Autumn Grief Tending - Song, Ceremony and Community
Times shown in timezone: London