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The Mead Institute

The Institute brings together the Leicester and Leicestershire Teaching School Hub and the Leicestershire Secondary School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT), which are also part of The Mead Educational Trust. Through these we offer the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs), governor training, initial teacher training and system leadership support.

From 27 Feb 2024
February, 2024
27 Tue 8:45am GMT
28 Wed 5:45pm GMT
5 Tue 8:30am GMT
12 Tue 8:45am GMT
1pm GMT
13 Wed 9am GMT
5:45pm GMT
14 Thu 8:30am GMT
26 Tue 8:30am GMT
11 Thu 4pm BST
16 Tue 8:30am BST
17 Wed 9am BST
5:45pm BST
23 Tue 5:45pm BST
25 Thu 8:30am BST
2 Thu 8:30am BST
7 Tue 5:45pm BST
13 Mon 5:45pm BST
15 Wed 9am BST
5:45pm BST
20 Mon 9am BST
5:45pm BST
3 Mon 8:30am BST
4 Tue 5:45pm BST
6 Thu 5:45pm BST
12 Wed 9am BST
1:30pm BST
6 Wed 9am GMT
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