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Yoga workshop: yoga throughout the menstrual cycle

Sunday, 21 November '21   2pm – 4pm GMT
Chloe Hay Yoga Zoom Workshop
Event cancelled

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.


Whether you are trying to conceive or are interested in living more in harmony with your menstrual cycle, this yoga workshop is for you.

We will explore each of the four stages of our cycle and discover how we may wish to adapt our yoga practice to suit each of the stages – enabling us to work with the fluctuations and changes our body goes through each month, rather than fighting against them.

Discover why the exact same yoga practice can seem impossible some weeks, but easy others and learn more about yourself, your body and your unique cycle in this two-hour workshop.

There will be time for questions and conversation, as well as guided meditation, breathwork, yang yoga, yin yoga and deep relaxation. It will be a time to tune in and embrace the wonders of the female cycle.

Everyone is welcome. If you are not currently menstruating, you are able to use the same tools around the moon cycle. Beginners to yoga are also very welcome.


Have a mat and any yoga props you have/like to use to hand. Cushions, pillows and blankets all make great props, too! And if you don't have a mat, a rug or carpeted area will work just fine.

You may wish to light some candles and create a nice space for yourself.

If you're a notetaker, you may wish to have a notebook and pen to hand, but I will send out a summary of all the information shared to you after the workshop, so you are free to be fully in your practice without worrying about forgetting anything of interest to you.









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Chloe Hay Yoga Zoom Workshop