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⭐🎶TinyBeats North Leeds - Wetherby, Oulton & Crossgates🎶⭐

Welcome to TinyBeats North Leeds, with Sophie

TinyBeats provide a magnificent, musical wonderland which takes you and your baby and/or toddler on an imaginative, interactive journey every week!

Each week we visit a new and exciting theme with resources and music to ignite their ever-growing curiosity, from stomping through the jungle to deep-sea diving. Established by a mum of three and primary school teacher, TinyBeats has been made with love, care and passion for the development of little ones. With three classes to choose from to suit your child's needs: BuddyBeats (confidently walking to pre-school), LittleBeats (confidently sitting to confidently walking) and BabyBeats (Newborn to confidently sitting).
We look forward to meeting you and your little one(s) soon!

From 4 Dec 2023
December, 2023
7 Thu Course: 2 dates ❤️🧓🏻 Oulton Manor TinyBeats Generations - BuddyBeats - December Block🧓🏻 ❤️
Course: 2 dates 💙 🧓🏻 Oulton Manor TinyBeats Generations - TeenyBeats - December Block🧓🏻 💙
2pm GMT 🟡 🎅 Little Rascals Nursery Christmas Week 🎅 🟡
8 Fri Course: 2 dates 🔴Crossgates BuddyBeats December Block 🔴(Toddlers to Pre-School & Younger Siblings)
Course: 2 dates 🟢Crossgates LittleBeats December Block 🟢(Confident sitters - crawling)
Course: 2 dates 🔵Crossgates TeenyBeats December Block 🔵(Newborn - learning to sit)
Course: 1 date 💜🧓🏻 Garforth TinyBeats Generations - December Block🧓🏻💜
21 Thu 10:15am GMT 🎅❤️🧓🏻 Oulton Manor TinyBeats Generations - BuddyBeats - Christmas Special🧓🏻 ❤️🎅
11:30am GMT 🎅💙 🧓🏻 Oulton Manor TinyBeats Generations - TeenyBeats - Christmas Special🧓🏻 💙🎅
22 Fri 9:30am GMT 🎅🔴🟢Crossgates BuddyBeats & LittleBeats Christmas Special 🟢🔴🎅
11am GMT 🎅🔵Crossgates TeenyBeats Christmas Special 🔵🎅
2pm GMT 🎅💜🧓🏻 Garforth TinyBeats Generations - Christmas Special🧓🏻💜🎅
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