£10.00Pass for 9 classes.
  • For use on events occurring in the next 7 days.
  • One use allowed per event.
Pass can be used for:
  • Coach Gaz's Circuit & Boxing
  • Coach Gaz's Mixed Bootcamp
BUY THE WEEKLY CLASS PASS AND ACCESS ALL ADULT CLASSES FOR JUST £10 PER WEEK!! VALID FOR SEVEN DAYS ONLY. A NEW PASS MUST BE IDEALLY PURCHASED BY 10PM ON SUNDAYS IN ORDER TO ATTEND CLASSES FOR THE WEEK AHEAD You can purchase on alternative days and the pass will still be valid for 7 days from earliest use on any event however it simplifies attendance records for us if purchased over the weekend (eg Friday 7pm - Sunday 10pm) as classes only run Monday,Wednesday and Friday.THANK YOU!***
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