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(N22) CLAY DOJO (Drop-in Practice session)

Friday, 12 July '24   2pm – 5pm BST
Turning Earth Tottenham, 38 Crawley Road, London, N22 6AG
(N22) CLAY DOJO (Drop-in Practice session)


'Dojo' - Japanese Buddhist origin, literally “place of the Way”. A place for immersive, experiential learning and meditation.

Take away the pressure of wanting to throw the perfect piece for firing at our new clay dojo. We have created a space designed purely around practising your craft, where you can feel totally free to make mistakes, explore and learn by doing. These drop-in sessions are ideal for any of our intermediate students who want to keep practising the skills learned during their course, without the pressure of having to make the perfect piece or even finish a piece at all. Repeated practice develops muscle memory, precision and consistency, and can help you identify and correct mistakes. It builds confidence, as familiarity with the process reduces anxiety and enhances performance under pressure.

At our clay dojo students are responsible for their own practice, and by design, pieces made in the dojo are not kept or fired. This not only keeps these sessions as affordable as possible, but also frees you from the pressure to make, creating a space which is firmly centred on the process and not the product.

Clay is included in the price. Any clay used must be properly recycled and re-wedged for the end of the session.

These drop-in sessions are self-guided (there will be no teacher to overview the session) and are therefore not suitable for beginners.

Level: Intermediate






Turning Earth Tottenham
38 Crawley Road
N22 6AG