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LoW Self Nurture Week - Pilates

Monday, 22 June '20   6:30pm – 7:30pm BST
LoW Self Nurture Week - Pilates

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.


This 45 minute class will get you moving your body from head to toe. We’ll move through exercises designed to release tension from neck, shoulders and back on to larger movements that will leave your body feeling lengthened and relaxed. After the class we’ll have time for any questions that you might have about the Pilates method.

This is an open level class but due to the nature of online this class is not suitable if you are working with acute injuries or significant conditions. If you are unsure if this class is suitable for you, please do get in touch.

This class is sponsored by Urban by Nature and is brought to you as part of Locus of Walthamstow's Self Nurture Week. See for more details and discount code.


You will need a Pilates/yoga mat or similar to lie-on. It’s worth having a few props handy such as a folded towel and/or cushion if you need padding for your knees etc, as you would in a normal class.

New client? Please complete and return the Client Enrolment form (attached) before participating.

By booking for live-streamed classes, you agree that you understand that physical exercise involves strenuous physical movement, and that such activity carries the risk of injury. You are responsible for exercising within your limits; you agree not to perform any exercises or movements that may cause you discomfort; and you confirm that you are fit and able to join the class. You must ensure that you are working in a safe environment and that you are able to clearly see and/or hear your teacher in order to follow instructions. It is your responsibility to let the teacher, Claire Harris, know before the class if anything affects your ability to exercise that day. By joining the class you automatically agree to waive all statutory rights against your teacher.

NB Due to the nature of online these classes aren’t suitable for anyone working with acute injuries or significant conditions.



Self Nurture Week - Pilates

This class can be booked for FREE using the Self Nurture Week code! Visit for code.

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