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40 Days to Open to Possibility

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40 Days to Open to Possibility

This is an online event.

Joining instructions will be provided after booking.

Course dates

  • Thu, 17 Mar '22   7pm – 8pm GMT - done
  • Mon, 28 Mar '22   7pm – 8pm BST - done
  • Tue, 12 Apr '22   7pm – 8pm BST - done
  • Mon, 25 Apr '22   7pm – 8pm BST - done


Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance, Wealth, Beauty and Love. She supports and guides us through the material world but not at the expense of spiritual liberation. As we enter a new stage of opening into society, just as the shoots are rising and budding into spring, Lakshmi supports our growth. These practices will help you hook into your true potential and generate more possibilities for you. You’ll tap into your inner sense of joy and create more expansion in the areas on which you want to focus.

In this practice you will receive:
An introductory webinar on Thursday 17 March, which will be recorded if you cannot attend live.
3 further webinars (all recorded if you can't be live) on 28 March, 12 April and 25 April, plus a private Facebook group for accountability and support.

A closed Facebook group for the community to support each other, with regular input from me.
Practice recordings for you to follow easily.
Practices include mudra, mantra, meditation, pranayama, journaling and much more
I’m really excited about this offering, these are the practices that kickstarted my meditation practice back in 2014 and draw me back daily after a few years of dabbling with meditation. I’d love you to be part of the special group that is gathering.
What do you have to do? Watch and join the webinars, find time in your day, every day if you can, for 10-20 minutes to undertake the practices.

Please note I don’t want anyone to miss out due to financial difficulties so please contact me for scholarships.


Please have a comfortable seat for meditation and to listen to the stories. You should also bring a journal and a pen.

Any other information you need will be sent to you in advance, and please don't forget that all webinars will be recorded.

Please don't eat just before attending the webinar (or watching the recording).


Course ticket - for all 4 dates.
for those who would like to contribute towards the Community ticket to enable someone to join at a low cost rate.
Course ticket - for all 4 dates.
Standard ticket price
Course ticket - for all 4 dates.
Reduced fee for those with limited resources

Online event information

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