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In Studio/Livestream Reiki Level 1

Saturday, 4 May '24   10am – 7pm BST
Blackhall Court Yoga, 250-252 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2BR
10 spaces available


Reiki is a ‘laying on hands’ technique that helps the flow of energy, reducing stress, enhancing relaxation, promoting healing and restoring balance and harmony. It can be used on yourself or others, plants or pets, and even spaces to help you feel more comfortable and at peace.

Reiki can be used as a complementary therapy for many illnesses and imbalances both physical and mental.

The focus of Reiki Level 1 is to:

  • Open a channel between you and Reiki
  • Learn self-healing
  • Reiki loved ones, animals and plants

Reiki Level 1 covers:

Hand positions
How to treat yourself and others
An introduction to and history of Reiki and the five Reiki principles, an introduction to the seven Chakras and practical information on giving and receiving Reiki.


Check the attached document of how to prepare for Reiki Level 1



Reiki Level 1 Training Payment in Full

10 available
This tickets entlitles you to attend a whole day training at Blackhall Courtyard Yoga

Deposit for Reiki Level 1

8 available
This confirms your booking for Reiki Level 1

Refresher Reiki Level 1

5 available
This ticket entitles you to repeat the whole Reiki Level 1 Training. Please be sure to have shown your certificate of completion before hand.


Blackhall Court Yoga
250-252 Queensferry Road