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In-Studio Yin Nidra

Sunday, 22 October '23   3pm – 5:30pm BST
3 spaces available


These sessions are designed to give you complete relaxation.

In the first two hours poses are held in a Yin way for 3-5 minutes, forcing you to slow down, and be still and present The last half an hour is a guided Yoga Nidra. The combination of the two will give you the chance to unwind fully, both in mind and body.It will leave you feeling as though you’ve had a massage while opening your awareness and putting you face-to-face with your thoughts, teaching you to deal with them one breath at a time.

Yin Nidra is the perfect counter to stress and stress-related issues.

These sessions also give me the opportunity to Reiki everyone in the class, as well as share empowering stories to remind you that you can face the world around you if you stand in your own power!


Please bring:
2 blankets
eye covering
different layers
bottle of water



One Person

3 available
This ticket can be use for Yin Nidra on the date of the event.