1st Apsley Booking System

From 20 Sep 2021
September, 2021
20 Mon 5:30pm BST Waterfall Section
6:30pm BST Mallard Leaders
6:45pm BST Mallard Cubs
21 Tue 5:15pm BST Bulrushes Leaders
5:30pm BST Bulrushes Beavers
7pm BST Kingfisher Group
22 Wed 5:30pm BST Lakeside
6:45pm BST Bulbourne Cubs
23 Thu 6pm BST Gade Pack
7:30pm BST Geese troop
24 Fri 6pm BST Riverbank
6pm BST Scouts Autumn Camp (Friday 24th - Sunday 26th) - With Transport
7pm BST Scouts Autumn Camp (Friday 24th - Sunday 26th) Without Transport
7:30pm BST Otter Scouts
25 Sat 2:30pm BST HHEX DofE Canoe Practice
2 Sat 1pm BST HQ working Party
27 Wed 6:30pm BST Movie Night for beavers and cubs
Times shown in timezone: London