Pelham Road After School Pick-Up

Reserve your pick-up day and then pay when you pick-up.

You can pick the days you need and pay only for the days you use.
Select each day by selecting After School Pick-Up.

If you want every day pick-up then select the first day you wish to begin. When you pick-up you can pay for every day pick-up and we will schedule the rest of your pick-ups for you.
You have two payment options for every day pick-up. You can purchase 20 pick-ups for $280 or weekly (Monday through Friday) for $80.

You must have an activate KidsZone account and have completed all after school forms before you can reserve a spot. Your reservation will be canceled if this hasn't been done.

  • Please make sure you add KidsZone to the transportation form that you fill out at the school.
  • Please make sure the school knows that we will be picking up your child.

-- Pelham Road: 864-355-7600
-- Brushy Creek: 864-355-5400
-- Lake Forest: 864-355-4000

You can call us at 864-263-3895 or email us at
The director's email is

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