Video Lessons with Andrew Lawrence-King

Baroque opera, orchestral & ensemble director, imaginative continuo-player, Early Harp virtuoso, specialist in baroque gesture & Historical Action, investigator of Flow, Andrew Lawrence-King is the doyen of historical harping, one of the world’s leading performers of Early Music, and an internationally renowned scholar.

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Special sessions answering your questions

Deep ideas, friendly chat. Conversations about performing 17th-century music & early opera.

CONTINUO MAGIC for all instruments
Right from the start, we emphasise rich musicality rather than theory of counterpoint. Guide & Support - fun & fundamentals - making beautiful music from the bass-line.

From your first notes on the harp to your favourite Early Harp repertoire. Opening beyond the modern-day binary of Technique & Interpretation, these videos offer a holistic approach linking Period Philosophy & Historical Handiwork; Rhythm & Rhetoric; Hearts, Hands & Harps.

From 18 Oct 2021
January, 2021
1 Fri 365 days Use a tuning-machine to train your ears 1 - Set-up
2 Sat 365 days Tuning & Temperaments 1: Introduction & Pythagorean (medieval) 70 minutes
365 days Tuning & Temperaments 2: Quarter-comma Meantone (Renaissance & Early Baroque) 90 minutes
365 days Tuning & Temperaments 3: Meantones & Circulating Temperaments (Baroque & early Classical) 2 hours
365 days Tuning & Temperaments COMPLETE Video Lessons 1, 2 and 3 (4.5 hours in total)
3 Sun 365 days Introduction to Hexachords & 'Una nota super LA semper est canendum FA"
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