Angie's Zoom Workshops

Welcome to my bookings page for Zoom events.

Zoom workshops, after research and consultation this is how I run them…
• Welcome to the workshop, Chats and hellos then mute. (student can unmute to ask a question)
• A series of filmed demos with live commentary, (filmed because the image is
often clearer in screen sharing, it also means I can concentrate on talking and
answering questions, pausing etc
• Some slide shows during student time to entertain the ones that are only
• Plenty of time for students to experiment and ask questions.
• A PDF handout with back up material, I send out before the event, check the confirmation email in Bookwhen.
• I can record the event and save it on Zoom (password protected), students
can't download but it's available for 1 month to view in the Zoom cloud

if you'd like to book a space but you don't use PayPal or cards please email me and I can book you in manually.

From 15 Jun 2021
June, 2021
19 Sat 10am BST Waterworld - Zoom workshop
24 Thu 10am BST Illuminated Letters - A Zoom Workshop
1 Thu 10am BST Textural Bookwrap Zoom Workshop
8 Thu 10am BST Trees Leaves Zoom Workshop
10 Sat 10am BST Woodland Textures - Zoom Workshop
15 Thu 10am BST Transfer and Repeat - Zoom Workshop
19 Mon Course: 5 dates Mixed Media in the Garden Summer School - By Zoom
24 Sat 10am BST Foiling Frenzy - Zoom workshop
16 Mon Course: 5 dates Mixed Media in the Garden Summer School Face to Face
2 Thu 10am BST Print Impressions - Zoom Workshop
Times shown in timezone: London