My name is Iir Prihatinawati. I am from Indonesia and trained in Bali and moved to Cambridge in summer 2015. I teach vinyasa, core strength, and Forrest (Inspired) yoga.

I began my yoga journey early in my life to help with asthma, gradually evolving into regular asana practice. From then on, I have been practicing yoga for more than half of my life and yoga has become my way of life. I never plan to be a yoga teacher. During my home practices, friends come over and encouraged me to take my teaching qualifications. These then grew into my earlier classes taught.

I formally qualified to teach Vinyasa in 2015 from Frog Lotus Yoga (FLY) International, only after I explore many different types of yoga. In August 2016, I completed Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest, which I found deeply empowering. I am now under the mentorship with Jambo Dragon, one of the Guardian of Forrest Yoga to finest my teaching skills and assisting, although many say that my assist has already very ‘spot on’. I put kindness in my touch as I assist so you will feel it is coming from the heart and I am trying to help as I assist you.

With my passion to learn and philosophy of constantly being a student in life, I continue attending workshops and trainings from world-known teachers to improve my practice and teaching skills. I never missed David Swenson’s visit in Cambridge, love learning from many different teachers such as Leslie Kaminof, Alexandra Crow, Doug Swenson, Marcus Veda, Dylan Werner, Michael James Wong, and the list is endless. I intend to continue doing this because I believe one can not give from an empty cup.

Prior becoming a yoga teacher, I taught languages for 12 years, so teaching is something I am very familiar with. With my Master’s Degree in Psychological Education, I bring my understanding of progression into my classes. I break poses into smaller components and sequence mindfully and intelligently to reach a peak pose, with strong emphasis on the breath-movement connection, integrity and mindfulness.

Connection between breath and movement. Focusing on our breathing encourages us to focus on your own body rather than those around us, making us more aware of its strengths but also its limitations.

Muscular integrity and hands-on assists. By moving around the class as I teach, I encourage my students to be more aware of their muscular activities, keeping the body safely aligned and engage the relevant muscles, which allows them to get safely deeper into the pose.

Mindfulness. As we focus within, maintaining our muscular integrity, we are encouraged to understand yoga as a personal journey of physical and mental fulfilment and improvement. Everyone follow their own journey in life and in yoga, but all living bodies are a wonder. Appreciate yours not what it can’t do, but for what it can.

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February, 2018
22 Thu 12:15pm - 1pm Core Flow Basic
1 Thu 12:15pm - 1pm Core Flow Basic
8 Thu 12:15pm - 1pm Core Flow Basic
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Core Flow Basic

Thursday, 22 February, 2018   12:15pm - 1pm
Department of History of Art
16 spaces available


Learning the basic of the yoga flow (vinyasa) while at the same time building the core strength to improve our posture in day life. Class will be delivered in progression with warm up to start, dedicated core work, details of the flow, then standing series and cool down. Details of cues will be given, as well as options to progress further. Using steady breath and the awareness of the core, this class will build the understanding of the basic alignment in yoga, the stability of the core as well... [Read more]

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