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Ayni Artisans

Welcome to our kich-wheel throwing and hand-building classes, where the possibilities are endless—from crafting pots, sculptures, vases, and more. Immerse yourself in the world of clay, transforming your artistic expression into functional ware or decorative pieces of art.

Connect with your natural rythm through the slow pace of the kick-wheel. And, explore the fundamentals of hand-building through techniques like pinching, slab-building, coiling, texturing, and more. Whether you come with your own project ideas or seek inspiration during the first class, we'll collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Creating with our hands goes beyond art—it's a nurturing of our creative spirit and a journey toward mental clarity, focus, and relaxation. This is meditation in action, resulting in genuine happiness. Join us for a delightful time among fellow artisans as we share the joy of crafting and self-discovery.

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From 21 Jul 2024
July, 2024
23 Tue Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
24 Wed Course: 5 dates
25 Thu Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
26 Fri 12pm NZST
1pm NZST
2pm NZST
3pm NZST
4pm NZST
5pm NZST
6pm NZST
7pm NZST
3 Sat 10am NZST
2pm NZST
9 Fri 6pm NZST
26 Mon 6pm NZST
27 Tue Course: 5 dates
28 Wed Course: 5 dates
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